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A crash course in learning Sara Bareilles music

  1. Decide which songs to do - some are no-brainers (Love Song, She Used to be Mine, Brave).

  2. Realize there are a lot of songs you don't know/have never heard of.

  3. Listen to songs on the way to work.

  4. Listen to songs on the way home from work.

  5. Make a mental note of which songs would work with only piano and vocal - and realize that most were written that way, making it nearly impossible to narrow the song choices down.

  6. Find chord charts on and purchase sheet music on - easy enough.

  7. Sit down to play.

  8. Realize that while songs SOUND EASY to play and sing simultaneously (I'm looking at you, King of Anything), the reality is quite the opposite.

  9. Mark up charts with ridiculous, copious notes/reminders.


  11. Sing with Spotify.

  12. Sing with Youtube.

  13. Try singing without Spotify or Youtube.

  14. Sing with Spotify.

  15. Sing with Youtube.

  16. Abandon the piano for a while and sing with karaoke tracks.

  17. Slowly put the piano and vocal back together.

  18. Get excited.

  19. Buy a fedora.

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